RetailKit was founded in early 2012 by Russell Palmiter.  After working in a variety of technolgoy and eCommerce roles Russell recongized a growing need for integrated eCommerce and business management tools.  Admittedly these tools already existed, but they were always prohibitevly expensive for all but the largest enterprises.  Thus, RetailKit was founded.

RetailKit's goal is to bring these integrated tools at an affordable price.  We want businesses to run efficiently so they can spend less time doing paperwork, and more time doing what they love.  

Russell Palmiter

Founder & CEO

Russell has over 10 years experience in various high-tech and eCommerce roles in Silicon Valley.  He's done everything from VP of Product Management at to Infracstructure Engineering at Sales Force.  He also holds two Bachelor's degrees and one Master's degree from California Polytechnical Institute.  Russell is the leader of the ship; working hard to make sure RetailKit is pointed in the right direction and following his true passion when he can find the time: writing Java code.  In his free time he brews beer, snowboards, and loses his voice at cheering on the San Jose Sharks.

Jeremy Roberts

Co-Founder & Director of Engineering

Jeremy's worked in product management and engineering at a variety of Silicon Valley startups; from online behavioral health therapy to social marketing analytics.  He also holds a bachelor's degree from San Jose State University and a master's degree from Santa Clara University.  Jeremy leads RetailKit's engineering efforts.  When he's burning the midnight oil for a 10ms performance boost he spends his time brewing beer, snowboarding, spending time with his dog, and also losing his voice cheering on the San Jose Sharks.

Stephen Howes

Marketing Associate

Steve is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.  Not much is known about him except that he meets the koala-ficatons for his role.  In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, training for his next marathon, and spending time with his dogs.


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