We are delighted to announce that RetailKit has been acquired by Spiraledge!


We’re excited to let everyone know that as of March 2015 RetailKit has been acquired by Spiraledge, a company focused on healthy living and home to the North America’s largest online speciality store for aquatics, SwimOutlet.com. RetailKit and Spiraledge have a lot in common: we share a commitment to providing an exceptional experience for our customers and we both see software as a powerful way to help improve the world.


Since RetailKit was founded over four years ago, we’ve learned a lot about helping small businesses sell online, attract more customers, and manage their business. We’re excited to bring what we’ve learned to Spiraledge where we’ll be working on a new project that will help farmers both grow and sell better produce, Tend. Tend is the first software platform of its kind to integrate growing and selling tools for organic farmers  with advanced data analytics - from crop planning to harvest, marketing to sales, and everything in between.


The last four years have been truly amazing. We’ve had the chance to work with both phenomenal customers and employees. We’re truly humbled by this experience. We can’t wait to see where this new combination of technologists and farmers will take us. We hope you...


See you at the farm

-Russell and the RetailKit team.