• Add your own 3rd party plugins
  • Option to have complete control over your source code
  • Open API
  • Highly customizable storefront design


  • Don't waste time with messy imports between platforms, everything you need is in one place
  • From Account to Warehousing; all your data is synchronized seamlessly between your business units
  • No need to manage permissions and logins for multiple systems; all your applications are available via a single sign on


  • Everything is hosted on a CDN for extremelly low latency and high bandwidth transfers
  • Support for the new SPDY protocol
  • Aggressive local cacheing minimizes network requests
  • All storefront pages are pre-generated; no application to run or database to access when loading a page.


  • Built on 2048 bit SSL - send your data securly with no hassle
  • PCI Compliant
  • Data center passes SAS72 Audits
  • Custom SSL Certificates for you domain


  • We take care of all the scaling; go from one thousand visitors to one million visitors with absolutely no effort on your part
  • Unlike the other guys, we have no limits on storage and bandwidth; enter as many products as you like and serve as many customers as you like
  • Our distributed systems means no single point of failure can bring down your site


  • Your site is hosted redundantly around the world; if one location goes down, there's another online and ready to handle the load
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Weekly data backup with 6 months guaranteed history